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top mba colleges in madurai

26 Jan Wisdom 0 Blog

Deciding if an MBA Degree is Right for You

To tell if your future career path requires an MBA degree or a related advanced degree in business, Langerud advises clients, “to look at roles they find interesting, attractive and desirable. Identify professionals who are currently successfully working in that role and talk to them. Do the people in those roles have advanced degrees? What type of degrees? Where did they get their degrees?” These questions will let you see how applicable a degree would be to your circumstances and what kind of return you’d get on your investment

top mba colleges in madurai, madurai

The Value of Work Experience to Your MBA

Work experience is one of the most significant factors of an MBA application – differentiating it from other graduate business programs. In MBA applications, work experience can set a candidate apart from the rest of the pool.

If an MBA is your long-term goal, it is important for you to determine the right kind of work experience. Certain business schools are very specific about work experience in their eligibility criteria, so the period of time in employment should not be too short (or too long) and a beneficial position and sector should be sought out, as far as possible.

MBA Program at Wisdom School of Management,madurai

The full time MBA Program is aptly designed for the holistic and futuristic betterment of the student fraternity. Wisdom has a comprehensive two year full-time MBA Program in Core Disciplines with the following specializations

  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Systems
  • Production

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